Residential weight management

Practicing a lifestyle of weight management techniques

Live at the LeanSTAY™ Residence

Interact with your friends and family - they're invited!
Connect with like minded individuals
All food, professionals, room, field trips and dining out included in fees
Consistent, progressive and exceptional weight loss tailored to you

LeanSTAY's pathway to a successful weight management lifestyle

Multi-faceted approach using simple and effective means to a more vibrant and healthier you.
Practice, practice, practice - follow the prescription until it becomes part of you.
Short or Long stay - the choice is yours

Physical Fitness at LeanSTAY™

On site fully equipped gym which includes personal training
A variety of group exercise classes
Enjoy Social events that double as calorie burning extra curriculum activities
Outdoor sporting and recreation events
2 workouts a day - Morning and evening
Pool and hot tub for workout and therapeutic activities

Nutritional empowerment by LeanSTAY™

Loving the food you eat.
Cooking - Simple and amazing recipes made by you.
Grocery shopping and proper food inventory management
Dining out without guilt

Social Behavioral tools at LeanSTAY™

Workplace plan of attack - Dealing with obstacles, environmental triggers and making the right choice
Tools for Self Motivation
Nutrition oriented motivational counseling

LeanSTAY's team of Professionals

Certified trainers and group exercise instructors
Nationally recognized dietitian
Educational materials covering practical and useful information

It's easy to get in touch with LeanSTAY™

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  • 561-235-3630
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  • Address
  • Godfrey Rd, Parkland, FL 33067