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Are social dieting communities a threat to health club, nutrition industries?

December 20, 2013 / 0 Comments / Posted in: Uncategorized

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“Dietbetting is a promising new approach to the treatment of obesity”


  • DietBetter has developed a new way to lose weight called Social Dieting.
  • “The Transformer” is a new dietbetting game where players have six months to lose ten percent of their starting weight, with money on the line.
  • Players all bet into the pot at the beginning and win money as they reach their weight-loss goals.

DietBetter, a company pioneering a new social approach to weight loss, recently released its new game, The Transformer, where players commit to lose ten percent of their starting weight in six months, with money on the line. Just in time for January, The Transformer gives players tangible motivation for sticking to their New Years’ resolutions in the form of monthly cash prizes as well as a final jackpot at the end. There are also weekly consistency prizes for players who weigh-in regularly.

“We call this game The Transformer because it’s not a quick fix. It’s about transforming your life through behavior change,” said Jamie Rosen, the Founder & CEO of DietBetter. “We’ve had a phenomenal response from our 4-week Kickstarter game but our players were asking us for a more gradual version that could help them reach their long-term weight-loss goals at a more sustainable pace. We’re delighted to see that our first Transformer game was our biggest ever, with over $300,000 in the pot.” Read More

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