Dana’s Story

DanaLost75lbsAge: 54

Height: 5′ 4″

How I Gained It: I never gave much thought to what I ate. I was a master of unconscious eating. I ate whatever I wanted. This usually meant whatever was closest, fastest, and packed the most calories.

Breaking Point:  I was getting sick a lot, generally feeling bad and not getting the most out of life. Finally I’d had enough of living life half way.

How I Lost It: I lost 50 pounds before I came to Leanstay. I still had 50 more to lose. I was feeling a lot better but I had not yet incorporated a crucial element into my weight loss plan – exercise. When I moved to the East Coast for a new job, I was worried that I would gain the weight back. I didn’t know anyone, was moving to a new city and a new job. I was afraid I would eat for comfort. Leanstay was the right solution. I was able to continue my weight loss but this time with daily exercise, dietary counselling and excellent support from other people on the Leanstay program.

Total Weight Lost: 75lbs pounds

Favorite activity based on your new lifestyle: At Leanstay I’ve started several new activities that I enjoy. Every Wednesday morning for my morning workout, I go to the beach with other Leanstay residents. We watch the sunrise, do a beach walk and sometimes we swim. It is a highlight of the week. I’m also learning to dance at Monday night dance lessons. I learning the Charleston and the Lindy Hop.