Scott’s Story

ScottLost165“I have been an obese man for most of my life. My goals have always included losing weight and getting healthy. A few years ago, I came very close to my goals. I had lost more than 200 lbs. and was feeling great. I worked very hard toward that goal but I also became over confident, or even arrogant, and I gained the weight back.

I forgot to remember and continue all the lessons that learned. I should have stayed connected to my new lifestyle. Instead, I moved away and lost my support base. With all the partying and other issues created by “life,” I became obese again. Since then, I have learned that weight management is as much about lifestyle as it is about nutrition and fitness.

Well, I don’t want to be big anymore. I have recently solved some of my issues that were part of the problem to why I gained my weight back. Now that it’s solved I am ready to take my life back.

When I moved back, I contacted my nutritionist Leslie Burman. She is amazing, and talented in many areas of weight management. I explained how hopeless, tired and uninspired I was about losing the weight again. I FELT THE DREAD. I knew that I needed to get control of the problem, but the thought of doing all the work was intimidating. The thought of doing the work and not making it permanent was nauseating. Thinking about doing it all by myself almost made me cry. But, I am a successful entrepreneur, and as such I don’t give up, I find solutions.

After some soul searching and honest declarations, Leslie and I realized that my previous success was missing an important component. The social aspect of human interaction. To make my weight loss permanent, we needed to include social dynamics in the weight loss program.

There are many studies that have shown that weight management works best when in a group and when sharing accountability. I really wanted to make this a permanent change, and it would be nice if I could help others at the same time.

Leslie figured that by living with a group of people, I could share the experience. I could help them and they could help me. I know this can work, and I know that this could be a solution for many people. So far this has been a rewarding experience that I am proud to be a part of and this sentiment is shared by everyone in the house.