Tina’s Story

Age: 48

Height: 5’7″

How I Gained It: I have lost and regained weight most of my adult life and at this particular time, I was carrying 50 pounds that I just could not eliminate.

Breaking Point:  I was generally feeling bad and not getting the most out of life. Finally I’d had enough of living life half way.

How I Lost It: I sat with my personal nutritionist (Leslie Burman) that the program provided and soon discovered that with her knowledge and guidance, along with the team of fitness professionals, this was the answer that would lead me to accomplish my goals. I have always been a great cook, however, I was sabotaging my efforts in taking the weight off. The recipes that evolved from living and learning at LeanSTAY are phenomenal! The food is beyond amazing and I still cook and enjoy them daily at my own home, with my family. Additionally, Scott [Gutman], was a great motivator and encourager during my five-month stay. His help and continued friendship has been invaluable too me.

Total Weight Lost: 35lbs

Favorite activity based on your new lifestyle: Boxing, of course!