Grocery Shopping

Ever feel like you are in a maze when you go to a grocery store?

That’s where we can help. We’ll teach you how to focus on labels, food items and the chemical makeup of food. You’ll learn how to incorporate these factors into your list of taste preferences so you are maximizing your shopping trips to reap healthier benefits.

More importantly, we’ll teach you how to broaden your food spectrum so you’re building a more varied and interesting menu for yourself, rather than choosing the same 20 items over and over.

As we all know, boredom often leads to bad habits, so our goal is to make sure you are never bored!

You will be amazed at the level of comfort and base of food knowledge you will be able to draw upon — information that will stay with you once your LeanSTAY visit has come to an end.

Once you’ve successfully completed your program, you will be able to comprehend an enormous amount of nutritional data — from food labels to portion control to sodium content — that can be used every time you visit a grocery store for the rest of your life.