The Education

LeanSTAY Education

Life at home often feeds into undesirable food behaviors that lead to weight gain, feeling hopeless and out of control. LeanSTAY™ is an education and experience program for long-term permanent weight management that will enable you to focus solely on getting your brain and body into shape.

Ideal body weight restoration, mental nourishment, and physical improvement come together at our treatment program that is based on our four-pronged approach to wellness. LeanSTAY unifies mental outlook, physical well-being, nutrition education and daily preparation to ensure you the tools for permanent success.

Your participation, open-mindedness and enthusiasm will ultimately dictate your success in our program. Therefore, the more we learn about you, the more effectively we will be able to guide you to success. That’s where education comes into play.

While staying at LeanSTAY, clients participate in guided group sessions centering on activities and topics such as:

  • Nutritional function and appropriate selections of food choices and quantities.
  • The difference between fats, carbohydrates and proteins and how to make the appropriate food choices that work for you.
  • Identification of food labels and how that affects portion sizes, nutrition density, sodium, sugar, fat, and fiber content of foods.
  • How to use items in your environment to estimate the quantity of food when measuring is not an option. You can use cups, bowls, and food items to identify the quantity and the proportion of food.
  • Maintain a food journal so that you are accountable for your consumption. The LeanSTAY team reviews the journal and any additional journal entries to help you learn and prepare for the future.
  • Individual beliefs, social norms, cultural behaviors, and actions regarding particular foods.
  • Discussions about implementing a personalized fitness regimen tailored to your wants and needs.
  • Daily workouts with warm-up activities, a cool-down period and mental attitude conditioning for exercise.
  • Cooking demonstrations and complete meal preparations.
  • Food sampling and discussion of alternative recipes, ingredients in order to build a recipe set that works for each individual and learn cooking techniques that make it fun, easy and quick.
  • Plan and prepare entire meals for participants and guests.
  • Trips to the grocery store where clients can apply lessons learned such as label reading, environmental triggers, and basic rules of the road.
  • Group discussions about various restaurants and dining out. Here we practice social settings behaviors and tips and tricks to make it easy.
  • Learn to monitor weight and other factors. The scale is not the only instrument that counts.
  • “Know thyself”- this item is missed regularly, casually ignored and can be the cornerstone of your success. Knowing what truly makes you tick, what drives you, and what your goals are is your beacon of light to bring you to the other side, successful and happy.