The Program

LeanSTAY Program
At LeanSTAY™, we take pride that our program is NOT just a weight loss program. By allowing a work-by-day and learn-at-home setting, we primarily focus on the emotional, psychological, social and physical experiences of a healthy lifestyle that can last a lifetime. Our approach is simple to break down and can fit to anyone’s lifestyle. No magic wands, no special packaged food, just a life plan based on the following:

At LeanSTAY™, the STAY is what really distinguishes us from many other similar programs. You live at our residence for the entire program period while acquiring all the above life changing weight loss tools during your STAY. Our residential facilities provide you with a safe environment filled with peers equally dedicated to weight loss in conjunction with a support staff with specialized training for weight loss. Our staff covers everything from one-on-one sessions to group counseling sessions to help you understand your food habits, triggers, binge-eating responses and personal eating behaviors. Along with all the above, all food, in and outside of the residence is included in the cost of the program.


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