Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, guide, coach, and support each individual client through their entire weight loss journey. We focus on assisting motivated clients to achieve their goals, safely, rapidly, and naturally within a residential setting. The objective is to prepare and equip our clients to maintain their weight loss in a realistic home environment in order provide successful tools to tackle life’s obstacles and adversities outside of the home.

How do we carry out our mission? LeanSTAY™ uses proven successful methods in combination with realistic needs and common sense ideas at a group residence. Clients gain both knowledge and experience in weight management skills such as cooking, exercise, mental self talk, and trigger awareness. All food, both in and out of the residence, is included in the price and monitored by a nutritionist. Clients continue their employment while in residence and go on field trips to restaurants, grocery stores and recreational environments (canoeing, swing dancing, etc.). Additionally, participants maintain connections to their lives by encouraging friends and family to join them.

LeanSTAY™ is designed for those struggling with their weight management and the underlying behavioral health problems that arise as a result. Candidates include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sedentary professionals
  • People with a history of failed weight loss attempts
  • People who are not eligible for weight loss surgery
  • People who need a complete support system for their weight loss needs within a controlled environment