Cristina’s Story

CristinaLost50lbsHow I Gained It: To begin with, I was working long days – from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. –  and I was eating Burger King, pot pies, cinnamon buns, anything that I could eat while on the run. I was crashing by 3 p.m. every day and it was extreme. I packed on 50 pounds like it was a joke. I had little time to prepare and cook my own food. I just ate what was in front of me when I was hungry. I didn’t know what a carb was. I had no understanding of food, plus I was eating very late. Every night my husband and I would go to a diner after 11 p.m. Late eating is a poison – at least for me. What was really damaging (for weight gain) was a bad lifestyle: no time to prepare, no time to work out – just wake up, go to work and go to sleep. I also thought I was sick – that I had something wrong with me. Ultimately, I blamed my anxiety medication for my weight gain.

Breaking Point: I felt depressed. I turned to food. I gave up. I weighed the most I’d ever weighed in my entire life – more than when I was 9 months pregnant. I needed to do something before I hit 200 pounds. I saw that coming. Then I found LeanSTAY.

How I Lost It: I found LeanSTAY. I believed it. I saw Scott’s dramatic weight loss. The most important thing about LeanSTAY is the diet. There’s no mystery, no pills, no special food. Its’ regular eating. It’s every day food.  I saw results immediately. Within my first week week I dropped 10 pounds. That was very important. I started getting compliments and started gaining confidence. I wouldn’t say it’s easy – it’s hard – but the program is simple. You work out in the morning, you work out in the evening, it doesn’t interrupt your daily life. The dietician, Leslie Burman, helped me manage portion control and the food log helps you keep track of what you eat. I learned about planning – preparing in advance what you’re going to eat for the day so when you’re out in your daily activities, you know what you’re eating already. There are no surprises. I’ve also learned how to read labels in order to eat healthy and the difference between calories and calories from fat content.

Total Weight Lost: 50lbs

Favorite Activity Based on Your New Lifestyle: Exercise – it’s part of my daily routine which I plan to continue throughout my whole life. I’ve adapted to the lifestyle of working out every single day. I’m very grateful to Scott, Leslie, and the residents for helping me through my weight loss journey, and to my husband, Lance, and daughters for their support.