At first glance one would think that having no specific plans
creates freedom. LeanSTAY Living Room Photo

These general intentions might look like, “I’m going to work out every day,” or “I’m not going to eat too much.”  These seem like reasonable goals/intentions,  yet the reality is that this generally constrains us. These thoughts to better our lives, although well-intentioned, are unspecific and keep us bound. When are you going to go to the gym? And on what days? What other aspects of your life must change for you to accomplish this goal sustainably? Do you intend to get there while maintaining  work and a professional life?  How do you do this while working full time, and walking the dog twice a day? Are there other factors that might be in the way of reaching your goal? This week or this month? The holidays might be an example of another consideration.

So what do we need to do? Find the balance between going to the extreme of sequestering yourself off to avoid bad habits and triggers, and ignoring them altogether because it’s “too hard,” thus throwing in the towel. LeanSTAY offers just such a  harmonious atmosphere that addresses all of these conflicting issues to maintain an active lifestyle socially, professionally and personally while working toward your weight loss goals by providing a safe and effective environment for success.

Most importantly, once you enter LeanSTAY, enjoy the freedom it creates. LeanSTAY allows you the space to not make daily decisions so you feel like you’re in control and not being controlled by your bad habits . Your stress will be reduced as the unknowns fall away. You will find more contentment and happiness moving in the way that you’ve previously decided, without the extra judgment. More importantly, you will find it easier to stick with your simple weight loss plan knowing that you will have the freedom and mindset  for permanent  results.