LeanSTAY StabilityWhen embarking upon a weight loss journey, it is important that we supply ourselves with all of the tools and tactics we can gather for the road ahead. This will help us reach our destination in the least amount of time – and with the least amount of effort!

Change Your Environment

Research has shown that most people are able to make a permanent change in their daily behavioral patterns when there is some abrupt change in their old patterns. This “resets” our minds and puts us in a good place to adopt new patterns.

Because humans are creatures of habit, we gravitate toward safe, familiar surroundings and tend to follow similar patterns day in and day out. This is ingrained in our mind and necessary for our survival!  Ultimately, when we are looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, it requires a change in our daily patterns. By changing your environment and creating a new support system around yourself, you will overcome the old triggers that came so naturally before.