Food eaten at LeanSTAY

So what kind of food can I expect at  LeanSTAY™?

The food we consume dictates how we will feel,  how we will perform and our energy level Throughout the day.  also, in a small part food is part of the variety of life. Like any tool, it is not evil, it just depends on how you use it.

One of the important features at LeanSTAY is for you to learn to love healthy food. Find the food that you like to eat. With such a huge variety, we will find the items that you will enjoy.

Here we love the food we eat Because we do everything to make it flavorful and taste the way we like it to be.  It is very important that you learn to eat food you do like. Its not to say that you’ll never eat ice cream again, but maybe there’s something even tastier. We learn to eat food in a manner that’s healthy by changing the recipes and purchasing foods that are high in minerals, vitamins, fiber and many other health needs for your body.  At the same time combine those things correctly and you will always have a tasty meal. It is an important rule at LeanSTAY — NEVER  GO HUNGRY!

Today’s delicious meals include:
Meal 1:
Overstuffed pita with eggwhites, vegetables, ham, turkey and cheese, 2 cups of coffee w/milk and Splenda.

Meal 2:
Potato leek soup and Shrimp & eggplant stir fry.

Meal 3:
Large salad w/ a variety of vegetables, cubed grilled pork loin, zesty ginger dressing; sliced sweet pineapple; coffee w/milk and splenda

Meal 4:
Delicious chicken parmesan;  tomato soup

Meal 5:
Flatbread pizza w/cubed grilled steak and sauteed mushrooms

Now it wouldn’t quite be a stereo type if we didn’t have a ton of vegetables around all the time. So,  I always set out a tray of carrots, peppers, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes on my desk that I share with everyone and munch on myself all day.