Wendy’s Story

WendyLost65LbsAge: 52

Height: 5’3″

How I Gained It: I got married in 1982 and lost and gained over the years through dieting. Between 1990 and 2013, I lost anywhere between 20 and 64 pounds, but I always gained it back.

Breaking Point:  I was generally feeling bad and not getting the most out of life. Finally I’d had enough of living life half way.

How I Lost It: The support and friendships of the other LeanSTAY residents have made all of the difference this time around. Also, having constant access to a pantry packed with healthy food was great! Through LeanSTAY, I developed the habit of packing up my food for the rest of the day. But, we have a saying at LeanSTAY that not all “healthy” food is good for weight loss, which meant no olive oil for me. Now I don’t eat anything that gets more than 25% of its calories from fat. As a result, I have worked through my favorite recipes and now prefer fresh fruits and vegetables over packaged and processed food.

Total Weight Lost: 65lbs