The Residence

the-residenceDuring the day go to work. Before and after work, train your mind, body and internal self. Our facility has many opportunities for guests to relax, learn and workout in a pleasant atmosphere.

We provide:

  • Clean beds and storage for your personal belongings
  • Beautifully tiled bathrooms
  • Comfortable lounge and learning areas
  • Quality towels, linens, lotions and soaps
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Spacious dining and reading areas
  • A large open kitchen area for learning and training
  • Healthy, nutritious meals every day
  • Free WiFi internet and computer access.
  • Sports and entertainment equipment to keep you on the move.
  • The LeanSTAY™ facility is setup just like a home.

The LeanSTAY™ program is designed to provide a positive health and weight management experience that will last a lifetime. Every day in the LeanSTAY residence offers the opportunity to practice a new technique.

Our dedicated caring professionals will keep you motivated and in the right mindset to help you meet your goals.